Chipped Windshield? Call Our Windshield Repair Company Now!

We offer windshield repair services in Dunkerton, IA

A little windshield chip is distracting enough, but it can worsen to become more serious damage. To prevent that and get rid of the chip, hire a windshield repair company. You can count on Premier Auto Glass in Dunkerton, Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA.

When we handle windshield repairs for chipped windshields, we:

  • Charge $44.95 for the first chip
  • Charge $15 for each additional chip
  • Provide a lifetime warranty on repairs

The cost will towards any future chip fixes. For more information about fixing your chipped windshield, contact our windshield repair company today.

We repair a variety of windshield problems

Our team provides windshield repair services to solve all kinds of problems. We work with cars and trucks of all sizes, with pricing based on make, model and vehicle identification number. We'll use clear resin to restore your windshield's strength and original appearance. Call 319-239-6357 now for a free estimate.